For me, a good portrait is all about capturing real moments, emotions and reactions to create beautiful, honest images that you feel proud to display in your home.

Images that will invoke the heart warming feeling that you get when you look at photos of your loved ones, past or present. Years will pass quickly and you may only have smartphone images. I would love be given the opportunity to record your precious moments, through photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime.

As a female photographer, you can feel at ease when choosing me. I will make your session unique and personal. The most uncomfortable person will feel relaxed.

Outdoor shoots are great for capturing unforgettable moments. Whatever the season, wrap up warm, put on your wellies, gloves, hats and scarves or when it’s warmer, shorts, summer dresses, sunhats and flip-flop’s. We can go to a location chosen by you or we can talk it through to find your perfect place. Perhaps you’re going to the coast and wish to have a few of those memories captured. A stroll in the woods, along the river or a picnic in the park, are also ideal locations.

I also love capturing the everyday. Life at your own home. Images that tell the story of you. A snapshot in time. You could be playing the piano, reading, gardening, painting, tinkering with a beloved car or motorbike, cooking or fooling around together as a family. I will spend two to four hours with you, simply hanging around to capture the essence of your special moments and interactions that can so easily be forgotten.

Studio portraits can really be unique works of art. I can work closely with you to ensure that I craft a portrait that is right for you. Whether it’s traditional or a unique fine art portrait. I have professional lighting, beautiful backdrops, props and a studio that will provide just the right environment to help you relax and enjoy your experience. Perhaps you have a particular style in mind for your studio photoshoot? I sometimes suggest that you send me some images you love, then we can discuss the most suitable style and what you would be best for you to wear.

If you like my style of photography and would like to know more, I would love to hear from you.

Please get in touch for pricing and availability, send me a few details and I will get back to you ASAP. I look forward to chatting with you.